19. November 2011

Printing Christmas stars

Welcome to my new printing project and a little how-to! I used Christmas stars that I found left-over from last year. I usually cut them out from normal white paper (or sometimes origami paper).  Instead of pinning them on a window I used them here as stencils for fabric printing. I started with oiling the […]

27. September 2011

Recycled Creativity

On the weekend I finally joined the Stencillia Workshop at the Recycled Creativity Festival. Hugo Massari, a Brasilian in Berlin, who really know how to cut out impressive halftone stencils, showed his skills and shared his secrets. I tried to cut out my sketch but I must admit I failed. I need more time and […]

15. June 2011

Not only for freezing

Finally my ordered freezer paper arrived! Hopefully I can use it to print my Autobus-sis in a less complicated way! I will tell you more soon.