7. November 2011

From Etsy

Recently I got some freebies from Etsy – cool! I would like to give away the already Christmas inspired tote bag to the next customer in my Etsy Shop.  So let’s start now …

16. September 2011

Everything Etsy!

These days are all about Etsy. Etsy speaks German now and the first Etsy conference takes place and it is here in Berlin! Wow. I’m amazed! Unfortunately I could just attend the Community Organizing Meet Up at Hello Etsy Berlin in the Etsy Labs today in the evening. It was very interesting, I got to […]

14. April 2011


On Sunday I had some time to print – a bright red autobus cushion cover for our newly furnished kid’s room.

27. March 2011

Handmade Supplies

We like (and need not) to make more and more things by our own hands – but why? Interesting answers may give this exposé.