24. February 2012

Out of a stamp

Often my patterns start their life as ordinary stamps (here made out of foam). If I like the first printing results on fabric I take a picture of the stamp and import the picture to a vector graphics editor software (like Inkscape or Illustrator). As seen below for OUIDAH I use it here as a […]

27. September 2011

Recycled Creativity

On the weekend I finally joined the Stencillia Workshop at the Recycled Creativity Festival. Hugo Massari, a Brasilian in Berlin, who really know how to cut out impressive halftone stencils, showed his skills and shared his secrets. I tried to cut out my sketch but I must admit I failed. I need more time and […]

21. March 2011


Start with one eye, than turn your paper 90 degrees, than draw the other eye, turn 90 degrees and so forth. Such a wild looking roughneck may then be the result of this easy drawing instruction by Carla Sonheim. Her books are already on my wishlist, but now I found her interesting website too – […]