Und sonst

4. February 2015

machine knitting @transmediale

Hello! A happy new year! I hope you had a good start, too! On last Thursday I attended a Machine Knitting Workshop with Sam Meech at the transmediale here in Berlin. At first, in the punchard academy, we draw a working timetable of 24 hours and 7 days. This pattern was then used as a sketch for our punchcards […]

14. December 2014


You would like to make a special gift? Some beautiful hand-printed treasuries? But you can’t decide what your loving ones would like? Then choose a gift certificate from laKattun! Now available in my DaWanda-Shop.

1. August 2014

Fruits, fruits, fruits

This years holiday week in the garden has been highly defined by lots of fruits from our beautiful and big mirabelle-plume-tree. But what to do with so many fruits? I have made some jams and chutneys. The rest is for the birds, the slugs and all others out there.

28. March 2014

Open Studio

For the first time in Berlin: the Tage des europäischen Kunsthandwerks which will took place in many European cities from April 4th – 6th. The aim of this 3-day-event is to show excellent craftsmanship in many creative fields. You can find the full program here: http://www.3tage-handwerk-design-berlin.de. On the 4th of April my studio is open from […]

13. March 2014

Spring. Now.

Please do not think, that I did not write anything. In fact I wrote a long text about Berlin and the winter here and how bad this all is, but I did not publish it. So now spring is back. With new energy, new perspectives. Like nature itself. Great!  

28. October 2013


We had a wonderful  time in our garden in Brandenburg last Sunday. Autumn everywhere. Sun, clouds and rain. We raked all those leaves, collected the last apples of the year and ate the last arugula. Then we took a long stroll through the autumnal forest – perfect!

22. October 2013

With ruffles

I am in general not so romantically minded or a fan of ruffles. But in the case of this apron I made an exception. It is sewn from fabric I printed in blue with the OUIDAH flowers. For sewing I used this pattern. Only available digitally I had to print out 61 pages firstly and […]

9. August 2013

Painting with natural dyes

In July I had the chance to join a workshop about painting with colors we extracted from plants. It was given by  the artist Anna Gruber-Schmälzle at the Britzer Garten and she showed us how to cook faded blossoms in some water together with alum to extract the color. After mixing it with arabic gum […]

28. March 2013

Who has seen him or My Easter Giveaway

Easter is coming! And the Easter bunny worked his way through much snow and snowflakes and brought this beautiful cushion cover. It is 20 x 12 in. large (in this stylish landscape format) and is hand-printed on cotton. It will definitely be a lovely spot on your garden bench in the spring time. How can […]

29. October 2012


For a last time in this year I have been harvesting in our garden: small carrots, kohlrabi, parsnip, white cabbage, beetroot, pumpkin, and – as a surprise – quite a lot of caiguas. Does anyone have a good recipe for this vegetable? I tried it raw and it tasted like cucumbers but looked inside like […]