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31. October 2014

Sale in our Studio on Sunday

We have a big sale at our studio this Sunday Nov. 2nd from 2 pm to 6 pm. Come over and have a look. The Soloh-Market is at the same time in the same street right in front our studio. Jana, Anke, Astrid & Eva

1. August 2014

Fruits, fruits, fruits

This years holiday week in the garden has been highly defined by lots of fruits from our beautiful and big mirabelle-plume-tree. But what to do with so many fruits? I have made some jams and chutneys. The rest is for the birds, the slugs and all others out there.

31. March 2013


Now, at Easter, the selfmade Clementine-Aperol-Jelly is almost empty. I made it at Christmas time last year and it turns out to be delicious, beautiful orange-colored and it was really easy to make. I recommend this or this recipe. I took freshly pressed juice from clementines, Aperol, a vanilla bean and preserving sugar. The jelly […]

23. October 2012

Great days

I spent three great days in Hamburg. hello handmade was a remarkable event, lots of visitors, a lively atmosphere and a lot of inspiration. A great thank you to the organizers.  

17. October 2012


On this weekend the hello handmade Market in Hamburg will take place. I am very happy to be part again of this inspiring event. At the moment I still have a lot to do, I print, I sew and have to label all the new items. And I even build some wooden helpers for displaying […]

27. September 2012

Went into hiding

Hi folks, looks like I went into hiding. This really is a little bit true, but only for my internet presence in the last weeks. In real live we were very busy with planning and building our new big sink for washing out the screens. We used the cool Wedi building boards! And we are […]

12. June 2012


A first new pillow. The pattern is called Sumpfkraut.

17. May 2012

Equally great!

Equally great is the fact that I will share the new room with Lena. At the moment we are planning the whole setup and are thrilled to get our big table for printing. Jupppee! Lena has a beautiful blog too and her totes can be ordered already at envelop.  

12. February 2012

New tea towels

Finally new tea towels. Now in my shop. Here or here.  

3. February 2012

Visual Bookmarking

I am new to Pinterest and I like it. It’s a cool way to make an end to long and uninspiring bookmark lists. And you can even use it to bring more visitors to your own webpage. Check out this great video about how to do this. Do you already pin? Send me your username. […]

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