1. October 2014

Custom Requests

I am open for custom requests! Find out what I have done recently for customers around the globe. The beautiful tote bag with the ZEBRARIA stripes in grey is from now on also available in my shops: here at DaWanda, here at ETSY.

15. September 2014

Brigitte sews

Brigitte, one of Germany’s most read magazines for women, sews the Autobus-si Pillow. Check out here about the results (sorry German only): DIY Kits im Test

22. October 2013

With ruffles

I am in general not so romantically minded or a fan of ruffles. But in the case of this apron I made an exception. It is sewn from fabric I printed in blue with the OUIDAH flowers. For sewing I used this pattern. Only available digitally I had to print out 61 pages firstly and […]

5. March 2012

Inner values

“Alles selbst genäht. Das praktische Handbuch für jede Frau.” This book is some kind of bible for everyone who likes to sew. Old, but still published in English (not in German) under the title “Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing” it covers all one wants to know about sewing. I tried the patch pocket for […]

21. February 2012

A special wish

Have you ever thought about sewing a space suit? No? Me neither – till last week! Then it was high time to fulfill a special wish of my 4yr old: sewing a space suit. For a flight to the moon to get some moon sugar. In other words: to sew a carnival costume. So I […]

15. August 2011


On the weekend I sewed my first pillow with piping. Not so easy! I start with a continuous bias stripe following these instructions. A little bit confusing on a first sight but manageable.  A little disadvantage of this method is that there are a lot of cross seams in your finished stripe. Then I sewed […]

12. August 2011

Long time test

Since this week two of my dish towels will undergo a long term test in my kitchen. I am very curious about the results and will tell you soon more about my observations.

4. July 2011


My “Autobus-si” pillows are finally ready. By the way “bussi” means kiss in German. So have a look! Entdeckt auf DaWanda Von: evapaula Kinderkissen “Autobus-si” aus Bio-Baumwolle

24. May 2011

In need of some labels

Today I made some nice labels – 100% organic cotton. Textile products must be marked and labelled when marketed in Europe. More on this issue here

16. March 2011

Welcome to laKattun!

Welcome to laKattun! From now on I blog about fabrics, fabric design and fabric printing! Have fun!