1. October 2014

Custom Requests

I am open for custom requests! Find out what I have done recently for customers around the globe. The beautiful tote bag with the ZEBRARIA stripes in grey is from now on also available in my shops: here at DaWanda, here at ETSY.

24. February 2012

Out of a stamp

Often my patterns start their life as ordinary stamps (here made out of foam). If I like the first printing results on fabric I take a picture of the stamp and import the picture to a vector graphics editor software (like Inkscape or Illustrator). As seen below for OUIDAH I use it here as a […]

20. September 2011

Printing fabric – new books coming soon

Two interesting new books will be published this fall. The first one is written by Kim Kight, who runs the popular and famous True up website about all the news a fabric obsessed wants to know. Her book title sounds very promising: “A Field Guide to Fabric Design” and it is announced to be ‘a […]

6. September 2011

First design at Spoonflower

My first Zebraria swatch from Spoonflower has finally arrived. You can buy it too (here). The fabrics are of course not hand-printed, but digitally which is like a really big inkjet printer. What I like about Spoonflower is that they offer at least two sorts of organic fabrics. And there are thousands of other beautifully […]

16. May 2011

Searching for

Searching for an appropriate colour name for one of my fabrics I found this interesting collection of German colour names – 96 for Orange, 441 for Red, 360 for Gray – now I am hopeful to find one!

24. April 2011

Floral Treasures

Got a look into the new Interia magazine. It is published by an interior decorating company and features therefore a lot of its own products… The most interesting is the presentation of the design work of Abigail Borg – a surface pattern designer and illustrator of beautiful floral treasures.