4. February 2015

machine knitting @transmediale

Hello! A happy new year! I hope you had a good start, too! On last Thursday I attended a Machine Knitting Workshop with Sam Meech at the transmediale here in Berlin. At first, in the punchard academy, we draw a working timetable of 24 hours and 7 days. This pattern was then used as a sketch for our punchcards for the kniting machine. We punched the holes following our timetable into the card.

On a Brother KH-260 (out of the year 1984) I than started to knit, first single-colored, than bi-colored following the punchcard pattern. As you can see, the resulting piece turned out rather bad, as many stitches fell down.

In a second attempt I used a different, more thicker yarn and it went a lot better. I did not manage to knit a whole scarf because the workshop time was over real quick. But I like machine knitting a lot.

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