19. November 2011

Printing Christmas stars

Welcome to my new printing project and a little how-to! I used Christmas stars that I found left-over from last year. I usually cut them out from normal white paper (or sometimes origami paper).  Instead of pinning them on a window I used them here as stencils for fabric printing. I started with oiling the paper stars (with ordinary sunflower oil from my kitchen) to protect the paper from dissolving. Doing this, the stars can be used several times for printing.

Than I put a paper star between my fabric (natural fibers) and an unexposed silk screen. Pulling the ink over the screen keeps the star perfectly in its place and you can print many copies of it.

If you do not have a silk screen for printing you can use foam rubber instead. Cut out a piece a little bit bigger than our star. Put ink on it. Put your whole printing project on the floor (yes!). Lay out your fabric, put the paper star and the inked foam rubber stamp on it. Then put a wooden board (maybe from your kitchen, too) over the foam rubber and stand on it while printing. Your printing results will be much better when you exert a lot of pressure on the stamp. For the next print you have to solve the star carefully from the rubber foam and let the star dry. Use a new star for the next print.

UPDATE: the star prints are now available in my shop.

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